Frequently Asked Questions

What is Salsa?
Salsa is a sexy Latin American dance that's originated from Cuba, adapted by the Americans and has spread through Europe. Salsa music and dance is steeped in history, it's infectious rhythms and energetic moves keeps you coming back for more.
Do I need a partner?
No, in class we change partners frequently, therefore you get to meet different people at your level. If there are uneven numbers of men and women in the class no-one is without a partner for very long.
What do I wear?
It is advisable to wear shoes with a smooth sole preferably not runners as these tend to stick to the floor. Be comfortable, there is no set dress style, remember though that if you are dancing alot and you will be very warm. You will be dancing with a partner so please make sure your personal hygiene is good (but avoid strong scents).
How long are the classes?
Usually an hour long, but if you want to practice those sexy moves you learned you can hit the social club after at no extra cost.
Do I have to book a beginners class?
No, absolute beginners classes are run on a drop in basis. You can come along and take a class any week it suits, this way you can get a feel for the dance without having to join up for a course. Courses are available if you would like to progress and learn more.
How much are the classes?
Pay as you go dance classes are €12.50, click on pricing tab for further payment options
Do I need to have had any dance experience?
No, in each class we start at the very beginning, with a brief introduction to the dance (History, music & timing). Introduction to the basic steps and partner work with some basic lead and follow patterns.
What if I have two left feet?
We'll just help you find that missing right foot.
Why do people dance Salsa?
People dance Salsa for a number of reasons. The music is infectious, it keeps you fit and you get to meet loads of different people from all parts of the world. You can never know too much, there is always something new to learn therefore it is a constant challenge.

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