Niamh's bio

Salsa and Bachata instructor

Niamh discovered salsa in 2000 in Cork and fell in love with the dance immediately. After her travels to London in 2002 she decided to live there and stayed for 5 years where she assisted in salsa classes and danced socially in the London Salsa Scene.

In 2007 she returned to Cork and continued to go to Salsa events and workshops. In 2015 she became a part of Cork Dance Studio team now known as Cork Dance Scene. She is a UKA acknowledged Salsa Instructor.

Through her experience of working alongside Kathleen Farrelly and going to international Salsa congresses and workshops has made her the instructor that she is today.

She also teaches Bachata which she has been teaching since 2016. It’s all about teaching the student how to dance socially and having plenty of fun while doing it. Niamh’s aim in teaching a class is to create a fun and welcoming atmosphere where people feel relaxed enough to learn and happy enough to dance.

She hopes that you will come away from her class with some new moves , some new confidence and lightness in your step. But whatever you come away with, she guarantees you’ll walk away smiling and wanting more.

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